The choice of a suitable adhesive is determined, by the factors of the glued materials themselves as well as the conditions in which they are used, also on the stresses to which the glue will be exposed. When choosing a glue, we recommend that it be guided primarily by the information given on its label. First of all, we take note of the manufacturer's recommendation for a particular use.

Universal adhesives for a large number of applications will require more bonding when applying to achieve the desired result, although if you do not use it up, it will be possible to use again in the future. By contrast, specific adhesives are well suited to specific requirements, but their use for other purposes is not recommended.

Buying universal glue is advisable when the glued surface area is small. When bonding large areas, we use adhesives for only a relatively narrow assortment of bonded materials. Keep in mind that the price of glue does not play a key role and is comparatively low compared with the price of glued materials. Of course, traders often know how to exploit this factor. In this area it is not always true that expensive adhesives are better than products from domestic companies.

Good household glue must stick as many types of joints as possible. At the same time, it should be safe and non-toxic so that children can work with it (we do not recommend the use of any adhesives for children under 7 years of age). These criterias are fulfilled by Duvilax Expres LS packed in 250 and 500 g bottles with applicator closure. It can be used to glue wood, chipboard, paper, textiles, cardboard, cardboard amongst others. If necessary, you can repair many varieties of things such as damaged wallpaper, torn tiles, broken stools, damaged book or book binding, loose insoles in shoes, to stick cloth to cloth in a child's room, glue a cut in the tree in your garden, or use it to create a carnival mask for your child. In general, all materials that can receive moisture can be used.

Duvilax BD-20, L-58, LS-50 or D3 Rapid in 1kg or 5kg packaging also have a wide range of uses, but the possibilities of using them are somewhat more specific and already require some skill and routine. Special adhesives and dispersions include Duvilax LP for bonding lamella parquet and other products for specified penetration of substrates prior to coating, gluing, spraying, etc.

Duvilax Expres LS

Gluing of wood

Duvilax BD-20

Additive to building mixtures, gluing of paper, penetration of absorptive substrates, gluing of wallpapers

Duvilax L-58

Duvilax LS-50

Gluing of wood

Duvilax D3 Rapid

Duvilax In-Depth penetration

In-depth primer - penetration concentrate

Duvilax LP

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