Duvilax L-58

Duvilax L-58 is used undiluted for bonding ceramic and marble tiles, paving, polystyrene tiles, all types of linoleum, PVC and textile floorings to absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. The bottom line is that at least one of the glued surfaces must receive moisture. Before laying the flooring, tiles, unpack the tiles and allow them to cool/warm up freely at the working temperature. Prior to gluing, remove coarse dirt, dust and unevenness from the substrate (cement, gypsum and anhydrite leveling coats, plaster, plasterboard, chipboard, umakart, etc.). Its humidity may not exceed 4%. The unevenness of the underlying surface may be up to ± 1mm in length of 2 m. With absorbent substrates we recommend the application of dispersive penetration coatings - Duvilax deep penetration, or Duvilax BD-20 according to the instructions on the label. Before using, mix thoroughly. The working temperature must not fall below 15 ° C, the recommended processing temperature is 20 to 25 ° C. Clean used tools prior to drying with warm water. The glue consumption is 300-600 g / m2 according to the quality of the glued materials.

Gluing tiles and floor tiles: Duvilax L-58 adhesive is evenly applied to the pre-treated substrate using a toothed trowel. Then the tile is laid. In order to reduce fluidity, the adhesive can be treated with cement and / or sand. Remove glue residues with warm water before drying. Grouting or other adjustments are recommended after 6 hours. Tensile holding after 20 minutes is at least 0.5 N / mm2.

Gluing of rolled flooring:
Duvilax® L-58 is applied to the treated substrate evenly with a toothed trowel B1 or B2. The floor must be laid within 6 minutes of applying the adhesive and smoothed off all over the area. Apply the adhesive only to the area that can be laid with respect to the time of ventilation and laying. The drying time of the adhesive is approx. 1 hour. Substrate loading is possible after 12 hours, but when using office chairs with wheels, allow 24 hours.



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