Dispersions and adhesives

The history of dispersion and adhesive production in Duslo dates back to 1968, when the first tones were made. First by a semi-operation and then by a "large" production that started the following year.

The "B" series polyvinyl acetate homopolymers which are intended for the construction and wood industries, paint and paper industries have been gradually supplemented by newer forms in other areas of use which are in line with market requirements. Product range grew not only on homopolymer vinylacetate base, but also by usage of another comonomers (esters of acrylic acid, versatate acid, maleic acid a.o.).

At present, we produce over 30 basic types of adhesives and dispersions. Other related modified products are often intended for individual customers. The number of items in terms of composition and quality is currently at 100. The production technology has been gradually rebuilt into the modern form of a high tech production line, managed by a top-of-the-line control system with a maximally controlled result in the form of logistics and expedition. Through this unit, we are able to respond to supply requirements across a range of qualitative and logistical requirements within the shortest possible time and able to respond to any specific request for quality adjustment that is according to the needs of our partners.

The production of dispersions and adhesives within Duslo, a.s. is based on dispersion and adhesive production unit. Sales, service, marketing and logistical activities are provided by the sales department - organic.
In the case of new basic type development we use services of our subsidiary, the Research Institute of Chemical Technology - VUCHT, a.s. Bratislava, at the Šaľa workplace.


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