Duslo as a manufacturer produces products according to the established ISO 9001 quality system. In production, it respects the environmental requirements which is evident by the introduction of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. These systems together with the BS OHSAS Health and Safety Management System 18001: 2007 constitute the ‘Integrated Management System - SIM.

The individual types of dispersions and dispersion adhesives are manufactured according to the relevant technical standards. The individual qualitative indicators are defined according to the purpose of use for a particular type and according to customer requirements, according to general criteria of other similar products, and according to the requirements of relevant technical tests. Parameter evaluation for them is performed according to the relevant STN, ISO, DIN, etc.

For the subject of Duvilax, both mandatory and non-mandatory certifications and product certificates of compliance were issued. We also hold the CE Declaration of Conformity with relevant European standards.

Adhesives for the paper and wood industry are suitable for bonding materials that come into contact with food.

Wood adhesives and commonly used paper adhesives comply with EN 71-3: 2013, making them suitable for toys.

The quality of Duvilax adhesives also show a number of awards from the past, both domestic and foreign exhibitions such as The Slovak Gold Awards.



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