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One of the essential properties of homopolymers and polyvinyl acetate copolymers is their adhesive effect. Many of them are suitable for direct use when gluing different materials. The common feature of all dispersion adhesives is their ability to be treated with water, water scrubbing, and related environmental friendliness, its clean work and the environment.
Water-based dispersion adhesives are excellent adhesives for absorbent substances (they accept moisture from the adhesive). Modern bonding technologies now allow for the mutual bonding of also scarce absorbent or non-absorbent materials (it is generally required that at least one of the glued materials receives moisture from the adhesive).

The dispersions are modified by the addition of various resins, fillers, plasticizers, plasticizers, biocides, polyvinyl alcohol, and the like.

The basic dispersions from Duslo production are suitable for the modification of adhesives for the following market segments:

● Paper and polygraphy
● Wood industry
● Building industry
● Special adhesives

The advantages of dispersion adhesives include their immediate readiness for use, long lifetime, easy application, environmental friendliness, health, clean working environment, simple cleaning and disposal, versatility, reasonable price and, last but not least, the quality of the bonded joints.


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