DUSLO Šaľa a.s, is one of the largest chemical companies in Slovakia.

The foundations of the industrial compound was laid in 1958. Original branch of Chemical Works of Juraj Dimitrov Bratislava in Šaľa became independent and was named Duslo. This is how the history of Duslo a.s. began,  the company which eventually became a significant establishment not only within Slovakia but also around Europe. The original focus on fertilizer production and acetylene chemical derivatives have been gradually enriched with the inclusion of rubber chemicals, plant protection products, dispersion and dispersion adhesives and magnesium-based chemical products. Other products of Chemistry are also produced in Duslo, but are of less significance volume.

Since March 2005, Duslo has been a part of the international group AGROFERT.

The Duslo production program is as follows:

       Industrial fertilizers
       Rubber chemicals
       Dispersions and dispersion adhesives - Duvilax
       Special products of organic and inorganic chemistry

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  • Duslo, a.s., Dispersions and adhesives sales department
  • Administratívna budova, ev. č. 1236
  • 927 03 Šaľa, Slovakia
  • duvilax@duslo.sk, www.duvilax.sk

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