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One of the important steps in carpet manufacturing technology is the so-called reverse treatment. In essence, it is the application of a polymeric binder, diluted with water to the required solids content and fluidity, which can be pure or filled with chalk or other inorganic filler, to the back of the carpet fabric. This treatment has several functions : to fix the carpet fiber to its original location, allows it to adhere well to the substrate, fix it to its place and give it the necessary weight.

The advantage of using Duvilax polyvinyl acetate dispersions as a reverse side treatment chemical is, in addition to its high affinity to carpet fabric and filler, its health and hygiene safety. The Duvilax dispersion used for this purpose contains no harmful substances, no unpleasant odor, and after drying they do not release any toxic substances into the environment.

General features

Vinyl acetate dispersions are white liquids with little fluidity and characteristic odor. They are non-explosive, non-flammable and non-toxic. The film formed by the drying of the adhesive is transparent, non-stick, elastic and reasonably soft. From a chemical point of view, it is an aqueous dispersion of homopolymeric polyvinyl acetate in water treated with a plasticizer or an aqueous copolymer dispersion of vinyl acetate with an acrylic acid ester. The emulsion system consists of a non-ionic emulsifier and polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid.

The use

Duvilaxes are universally used for carpets made of pure wool or synthetic fibers (polypropylene, polyester). Their high tack and water dilutability make it possible to achieve dispersion with up to 400% of inorganic materials (chalk, kaolin, limestone, etc.) with good adhesion to fibers.


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