Duvilax BD-20

Additve: Raw material in the production and improvement of properties like plasters, mortars, cement layers and other building compounds. In addition to acting as a binder, it improves the mechanical properties of building compounds, their workability, cohesion and adhesion to the substrate, the ability to smooth the surface. It is dosed with tap water to amount approx. 5% of the used cement weight.

Absorbent substrates penetration - used after water dilution at a ratio of 1: 5 to 1: 8 (1 part of Duvilax BD-20, 5-8 parts of water) for absorbent substrate impregnation under interior paints, thin plaster layers, self-leveling screeds, before gluing of tiles, rolled floor coverings etc. Apply with a brush or roller to the treated substrate (free of dust, grease and non-cohesive coatings). When keeping the dosage, it does not reduce the vapour permeability of the penetrated substrate.

Glue for wallpapers made of glass fibers and textiles, paper, cardboard. It creates a transparent, elastic, strong joint. It can also be used for the production of toys and food products that are in contact with food.



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