Duvilax D3 Rapid

Duvilax D3 Rapid is one-component, fast bonded wood bonding adhesive, with long-term resistance to moisture, according to EN 204 in category D3. It sticks hardwood, softwood, chipboard and agglomerated pulp-based materials. It is suitable for bonding assembly and surface joints, for veneering of veneers, frames, longitudinal joining, production of windows, doors, furniture, large parquet floors and joinery work. Before each use, mix glue thoroughly. Apply uniformly to the cleansed and degreased material with a squeegee or brush at a temperature of min. 15 ° C. After the adhesive is applied, the joint is deposited and compacted within 8 minutes (pressing time at 20 °C. for 10-30 minutes, pressure of at least 0.7 MPa). It is advisable to clean the glue pressed out from the joint as soon as possible. Clean the used tools and materials with lukewarm water. The glued object can be further processed after 6 hours of gluing. By Duvilax D3 Rapid can also be glued to paper, cardboard, textiles, cork etc, and can be used to make baby toys and food products.



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