Duvilax LS-50

Duvilax LS-50 is a versatile, dispersive, interior glue for wood in households, carpentry and modeling. It is used to bond various items of hardwood or softwood, particleboard and chipboard, etc. Before each use, mix glue thoroughly. Apply uniformly to the cleansed and degreased material with a squeegee or brush at a temperature of min. 15 ° C. After the adhesive is applied, the joint is deposited and compacted within 5 minutes (pressing time at 20° C. for 20-40 minutes, pressure of at least 0.7 MPa). It is advisable to clean the glue that is pressed out from the joint as soon as possible. Clean the used tools and materials with lukewarm water. The glued object can be further processed after 24 hours of gluing. The ultimate joint strength corresponds to the EN 204 class D2. It is used unaltered in its original state. Duvilax LS-50 can also be used to glue paper, cardboard, textiles, and the like, can be used to make toys and food products that come in contact with food.



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