Duvilax In-Depth penetration

Depth penetration is used to impregnate unevenly or overly absorbent substrates. It is particularly suitable for soaking bases made on gypsum and plasterboard. It is also used for the treatment of porous or strongly absorbent substrates (cement screeds, new concrete etc), their deep hardening and dust-free treatment. Thin or cast streams, screeds, thin-layer mineral and acrylic plasters, paints or tiles are applied to the treated substrate. It is suitable for outdoor use, indoors and floors underfloor heating.

Depending on the type of substrate, deep penetration is used and diluted with water as instructed or can be used undiluted.

It is sprayed, rolled or brushed. When keeping the dosage, it does not reduce the vapour permeability of the penetrated substrate.

The substrate must comply with the applicable standards, be solid, with stable volume, free from dust, grease, incoherent layers and no residual old coatings. Fresh bases must be allowed to matured.



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